About Paul

Paul writes fiction using characters that struggle with life’s problems. There is a ghost in every story. He believes that the plot deserves characters that the writer must know inside and out, human or spirit.

Humor and the paranormal are common threads in Paul’s novels. Win or lose, laughter gives strength and moves one forward.

Paul grew up along the banks of the Snake River separating Idaho and Oregon. Watching geese flying above the Snake, listening to quiet sounds of nature, and feeling power in an undercurrent developed senses he uses in writing.

The author taught in public schools from classroom teacher to principal and special services. He experienced special needs and at-risk students struggling with the day-to-day issues that most don’t face.

Seeing students and their families pull together to make the best of horrible situations developed the author’s compassion and understanding.

The best and worst life offers, vicariously or for real, ignite the imagination and brings realism to fiction.