Bully Target: Smart, Pretty and Shy


She put the hairbrush away and smiled at the reflection from the mirror. She couldn’t remember the last time she smiled before going to school.  But, this was a new school; it would be different.

She looked at the floor to avoid the stares as she went to her first class. Two boys whistled at her and mumbled words she was happy not to hear.

When she reached her math class, three girls stood in front of the doorway. She smiled tentatively and said hello.  However, the three placed their folded arms against their chests and glared back. They had something to say, but there were no smiles.

“You look like a tramp in that skirt.”

“And, it violates the dress code.”

“Maybe she’s blind.”

“All we need is another bitch in this school that thinks she’s hot.”

A boy wearing a letterman jacket approached and the girls parted. “We’ll talk to you when we walk you home,” one of the girls said, following her friends into the classroom.

She fled to the restroom, locked the door to the stall, and sent a text. She huddled over the toilet with her feet on the lid and waited for her mom’s answer.

Footsteps hit hard tile. Her body jerked from the bolt of nerves that shot through her.

A voice echoed.”It’s the resource officer. Come out.”

“Sit,” the resource officer said, pointing to the chair. She looked down at the girl. “Make friends and you’ll be happy here.” She paused before turning to leave. “You’re safe in this school–you need to get that in your head.”

Through the glass of the outer office, threatening eyes watched her.

Clutching her phone, she drew in rapid breaths, searching for air that had disappeared.

Please share your views on bullying in the schools: Is it a problem? If so, how can we eliminate bullying in our schools?

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