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        Among the Jimson Weeds

Conor Kelman, a young man coming of age, faces triumph and trauma every day. Misunderstood and not learning or knowing how to deal with his issues, he is in a constant state of awkward discomfort. Weird, different, he tries to fit in, to be accepted. He searches for something to call his own–his girlfriend, guitar, a little white house in an apple orchard. Inwardly, he hangs from a cliff by his fingertips afraid to reveal that he sees ghosts. Visions that play in his head haunt and distract. No matter how fast or far he runs they won’t stop. Gabbie, the guitar from the pawnshop and the ghost that came with her are all he has.

Between Pieces

Plans to make friends with church-going kids and start life over, shatter the minute Conor enters the new school. The hunger to fit in drives him to those that his eighth-grade teacher warned against. He discovers that each member of the close-knit group carries a unique brand of trouble and that not fitting in is all they have in common.

He questions God, teachers, parents, and life itself. He accuses Red Nolan the ghost of turning against him and taking sides with authority figures.

Cigarettes, beer, and fast girls don’t smother the fire that burns within Conor. He turns to Gabbie, the guitar, the only thing he has to call his own.

Within Time

A Nashville independent producer and manager signs Conor Kelman and bills him as the new Hank Williams. Records rise to the top, the fan base widens, and his music star dream comes alive. Conor’s addictive and impulsive behaviors make him a target for others. A tour driver teaches him how to survive life on the road. He enters a world of rampant sex, pills, and alcohol. He lives in the fast lane of excitement, success, and money not knowing his career and life fall into the hands of others.    

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