I never met a dog I didn’t like


There are people I don’t like.  Will Rogers claims to have never met a man he didn’t like, but that is a stretch for me. I’m not saying some are worthless to the core. I want to believe a redeeming quality lies somewhere in the vilest person.

Dogs are different. Sure, they may have one or two bad qualities. More, in most cases. Same as people, they have bad habits. They pee on carpets, steal food from the table or your hand and run. They chase mail carriers, track in mud, get on the furniture when you turn your back, leave teeth marks on your favorite shoes, and send expensive obedience school manners down the drain when company arrives.

But they love you.

Even when you drink too much, let gas, belch, scratch your stomach, or take more than your share of the bed.

Rin-Tin-Tin was awesome in movies. So was Benji, and a host of amazing dog movie stars. But, I’m talking in your face dogs, those that meet you at the door, the huggers and kissers. The slobbers and droolers. Those that save lives, protect, warn of fire, danger and intruders.

Dogs that point out the bad people.

I will stretch. I’ll check out Will Rogers’ famous quote and look for underlying qualities before kissing off people. I’ll jump start unconditional love and do my best to keep it running.

That’s what dogs do.