Sure as Death and Taxes

We complain and curse taxes openly but push death aside until faced with it. Bring up taxes and you can’t get a word in sideways.  Mention death and the oxygen runs from the room. Is it enough to know that someday you will die, and leave it at that?

Everyone knows they’re going to die: what’s the point?

Accepting that we will die doesn’t lessen the fear and worry that vary among each of us. It’s not about wills, insurances, and funeral services, although having them in place is important. The point is to become at ease with death. Not just at the time of death, but throughout the interim of living.

Address after death beliefs

Knowing what to expect after our last breath eases the fear of dying (thanatophobia) that can cause panic and anxiety. Explore after-death opinions. Start with your own opinions and then research the topic. Discuss the topic with others, including spiritualism to agnostics, organized religions from Christian to non-christian. Be open-minded. Read books and accounts of those who have had near-death experiences (NDE), and the afterlife.

Create Expectations

The unknown instills fear. Form opinions and fine-tune them. Remember, these are your beliefs, what you expect although no one knows what happens until it takes place. Once you have after-death expectations, get back to the joy of living. Embrace the time you have before dying. Your life will reflect the love of living and spread to your family, friends, and others. The ease reflected by your actions when the time comes will be noticed by those left behind, helping them heal.